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Vhembe Campsites

This region boasts the impressive Zoutpansberg mountain range, over 130 km long and is home to some of the oldest San rock art in the country. The baobab tree is a common sight, and their stark beauty enthrals even the youngest of visitors. The region has sacred lakes and forests, historical Stone Age rock art, ancient Voortrekker wagon tracks, the Greater Limpopo Transfrontier Park and the northern most entrance to the Kruger National Park at Punda Maria. Highlights: Ben Levin Nature Reserve, Indigenous Tree Sanctuary, Stonehenge, Machema Ruins, Salt Pans, Bandur Safari Lions, Die Gat, Beit Bridge, Musina Nature Reserve, Baobab Forest, Big Tree, Zoutpansberg Mountains, Fort Hendrina, Limpopo Valley National Park, Zeederberg's Mail Coach, Musina Museum, Tshatshingo Potholes, Thathe Vondo Forest, The Sacred Forest, Mahovhohovho Falls, Mukumbani Dam, Lake Fundudzi, Dzata Ruins, Museum of the Drum, 4x4 routes, hiking trails, river rafting, fishing, golf, game viewing, mountain biking, bird watching and horse riding.
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