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L21 Newsletter Aug 2017

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De Watergat Resort
Author Trekkers Outdoor Recreation Club
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It's that time of the month again when I must ....
Author Trekkers Outdoor Recreation Club
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At the start of the week leading up to the camping weekend, the heavens opened in full force raising concern that the camping weekend would be a wet one. Thankfully by midday Friday blue skies appeared.
Author Trekkers Outdoor Recreation Club
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2017 August L3 NEWSLETTER

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What a good turnout for end of winter camp!
Author Trekkers Outdoor Recreation Club
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We started the Outing early in the week with 8- Caravans / 1- Tent Total of 9 at Addo Park to enjoy the 40 % Pensioners Discount and what a Fantastic time was had by all present.
Author Trekkers Outdoor Recreation Club
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Hi There Trekkers Cooler weather these last few days, but we are thankful for the rain. Luckily for us the rain had abated by the time we started our trip on the Friday.
Author Trekkers Outdoor Recreation Club
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CCSA Highveld Calendar 2017 Flyer

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Established in 1947, the Caravan Club of Southern Africa is today the oldest and most respected caravan club in Southern Africa.
Author CCSA Highveld
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CCSA Newsletter July 2017

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Nie minder as 7 waens het Donderdag opgedaag by Wilgerivier. Die dae was heerlik warm maar as die son sak dan moet jy „n “beany” opsit vir die koue en dan kom die konkas ook handig te pas.
Author CCSA Highveld
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Why Join a Caravan Clubs, Motorhome Clubs, Camping Clubs or 4x4 Clubs?
You have that expensive Caravan, Motorhome, Camping, 4x4 equipment just sitting under the car porch or in the garage. Use it! Many Caravanners or Campers have paid a small fortune for their equipment only to use it once a year! What a waste! A very expensive waste at that. Use it!! Seriously consider joining a Club! It’s fun and better still, economical.

 Most Caravanners and Campers are under the misconception that by joining a Caravan or a Camping club, one is expected to follow a strict agenda. We are all under the impression that from the time of arrival to our departure, there is a set agenda of activities at certain times during the duration of the Rally or the Laager. This is not the case!!

Now for the GOOD NEWS!!

Caravanning or Camping with a club is very much a great excuse to mingle with fellow campers and do your own thing. By joining a club, you are going about your own pursuits along with other campers all there for the same reason. Should you prefer to just relax and sit under your awning with your favourite novel or crossword puzzle for the whole weekend, so be it.

Some clubs will have a Sunday Service with Sunday school for the Kids, and members wishing to attend can do so, but those wishing to ‘sleep in’, go for it!

Caravan Clubs, Motorhome Clubs, Camping Clubs and 4x4 Clubs generally camp for a weekend once a month. The dates and venues are planned in advance, normally for the preceding year, and can be changed at the Clubs discretion should there be a reason to do so. If a Public holiday falls just on, before or after the weekend, the Club will organize an extended stay for that ‘long weekend’. Most venues are at popular resorts, and very much reduced daily rates are negotiated for the members by the Club’s committee.

The golfers all get together for an excuse of a round of golf, or laughs, normally on Saturday morning. The wives either go with, or remain behind knitting, or whatever they do when the guys play golf! You can go fishing, jogging or whatever tickles your fancy! Saturday evening, do your own braai, potjie, or visit your neighbour and eat his food! No rules here.

 After sunset, or supper, or after you have eaten your neighbours supper, you may challenge your spouse to a game of scrabble, or safer still, grab a six-pack, or a bottle of wine, and join the gang around the campfire. Again, no rules here! Naturally behave yourself, but should the six-pack cause you to make an oratory idiot of yourself, next morning, just grin and bear the ribbing. The worst that will happen, is that you will be fined 50c or so at the Sunday morning get-together! Believe me, take a few 50c pieces here, you’ll need them! The fines master can come up with some real right Lulu’s here!

Naturally, clubs arrange various competitions, games and activities for the kids, impromptu fun or even enterprising amusement for all to participate in. One is not necessarily obliged to engage in these activities, nor are you ridiculed should you not take part. You are there to do your own thing, and not to be forced to be engaged in these activities. Join in if you wish, otherwise, grab a book, challenge the spouse to Scrabble, go fishing or, go play golf! You won’t be fined for beating your spouse at scrabble, maybe for showing off on the golf course yes, or coming home with a Gilimienkie and not a respectable sized fish - yes, but in general, you are camping for the comradeship, and nothing else.