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KwaZulu-Natal Campsites

South Africa's playground, KwaZulu-Natal has spectacular mountain ranges, miles and miles of golden beaches, battlefields and some of the best game reserves, caravan parks and campsites in the country.
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Kwazulu-Natal's natural beauty is capped by the Drakensberg Mountains, a magnificent range worth visiting throughout the year, and dotted with numerous top-quality resorts to accommodate your needs.

In the captivating Drakensberg mountain range, visitors can enjoy some of the most spectacular and breath-taking scenic views, coupled with exhilarating walks and hiking trails, as well as numerous sporting activities, such as golf, horse riding and tennis amongst others.

The KwaZulu-Natal Coast is the holiday playground for all-year-round brilliant sunshine, blue sea, golden sands and beautiful scenery. There is a tremendous variety of holiday resorts nestled amongst the sub-tropical forests, where the lush green foliage shelters stunning birdlife, and where numerous troops of Vervet monkeys can be regularly seen providing amazing acrobatic displays.

The coast also offers one of the finest angling areas in the country, and each year in June and July, shoals of pilchards migrate up from the Cape, in what is known as the Sardine Run, and as they near KwaZulu-Natal, they begin to hug the coastline, with the sea currents bringing them ever closer to shore. Hot on their tails are large numbers of big-game fish, providing marvellous opportunities for anglers and sardine hunters, and where sardine fever is at its frolicking best.

Visitors to KwaZulu-Natal will not be short of things to see and do, and the friendly people in the province will make your stay a most enjoyable and memorable experience.

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