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Marula Oase

7.4km from Bela-Bela, Limpopo, South Africa
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23 March 2021 Melans - Gauteng
Type of Resort: Family with children
We had a blast over the long weekend. Lots to do for the kids. Beautiful facilities. Clean ablutions, pools and camp sites. Friendly staff and on point admin. Fees are really competitive and reasonable with all that is offered.
02 March 2021 Leslie91 - Gauteng
Type of Resort: Family with children
25 September 2019 HanMe - Gauteng
Type of Resort: Family with children
There was no hot water in the cabin. The person who worked with it (very kindly) tried several times to repair it, without much success. It is now 5 weeks after we left, and still did not receive a key deposit (which we paid cash). With every phone and email conversation, they have a different excuse. Then the bank number is not correct - (we fixed it after). Then they are too busy ... etc ... Why should one always "fight" for what is right? No, I'm not rude with the last phone call as the boss of the place told my husband, I didn't even curse. Just talked loudly, because I can't stand laxity and willfulness. In the area where we live, the reservoir has broken, we have been without water for quite a few days. Meanwhile, power cables were also stolen, and we had no power. That's why we booked a place at Marula Oase in the Mountain Cabin, to break away from the mess. Below is a message on Marula Oase Website. The only reason why they will not pay back the key-deposit, is when the cabin was not in order with an inspection. "Important Information ...A R200 to R500 CASH breakage deposit and key deposit will be levied on arrival and will only be refunded 7-14 working days after departure and once the unit has been checked and found in order. If payment in respect of the deposit is made by Card a minimum bank charge / admin fee will be deducted upon repayment."
09 July 2018 Kwaaitjie - Limpopo
09 April 2018 flutter - Gauteng
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