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The BFM - Farm Edition

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The BFM - Farm Edition

The BFM is excited to announce that an amazing Farm Edition is on its way AGAIN...On the 2nd June!

Fresh Air, Beer Garden and Market fun.
Amazing Winter Stalls, Food, Crafts, Winter Warmers and even an Animal Farm for The Kids.
Come and browse our N-Used Items and grab some second hand bargains.

Our Markets are always FREE to enter!
Come and join us for Breakfast Specials, Farm life, Family time, Beer Gardens, Live music and a touch of the outdoors right on our door step on the West Coast.

MARKET OPENS at 10am and runs until 3pm.
Lots of Food, Entertainment, Fun and more
Come for breakfast, stop by for Lunch, Stock up on some amazing home made and fresh produce, Do a bit of Craft and home decor shopping and meet some new friends.

Let the kids come and have some fun, while mom and dad shop, eat, relax and enjoy!!!

Zonnekus Holiday Resort
021 972 1833
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