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Earthfire Portable Ceramic Oven

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Wood-fired pizza’s in your own home.

Quickly and easily. Even an Italian will agree! This oven was designed 1st and foremost to make the best pizza this side of Napoli, but that doesn’t mean it isn’t versatile. The bottom half of the oven used with the stainless grid is a handy portable braai, pop on the lid to turn it into a kette Braai

The Earthfire portable ceramic oven has all the cooking characteristics of a conventional pizza oven, at less than half the cost. Warm-up time is only 30 min as opposed to at least two hours and it can maintain 350°C for hours with only one fire. This high temperature and the porous pizza plate is the secret behind our delicious authentic Italian style pizzas. If your favourite happens to be a thick based pizza with lots of juicy toppings, simply use less fuel to ensure a slightly lower cooking temperature.

  • Braai
  • Pizza
  • Smoker
  • Fire Pit
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