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Chicken a la King

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Chicken A La King 200g

Ready to Eat Chicken A La King 200g individual meal in a flexible retort pouch.- -

- Less bulk than tinned food.
- No tin opener required
- Pouch can be opened by hand or cut open with a knife.
- One can litterally pour the contents of the pouch into ones mouth, no implements needed.
- No preparation or water necessary
- Eat either hot or cold directly from the pouch- -
- Heat in either a FRH (Flameless Ration Heater), immersing in hot water or heat contents in a pot- -
- Compact size and flexible pouch is convenient for packing and long term storage- -
- 2 year shelf life, however will last much longer if stored in a cool environment. - -

*This meal can be consumed on its own but is best served as an accompaniment to the 150g individual meal sold separately.*

*Note: Colour of Retort Packaging may differ from picture displayed, Stove and cup for display purposes only*

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