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Ultratec LIL' BUD

Kategorie: Tactical Quarter Master Beligting

For when Load Shedding catches you, the Ultratec LIL' BUD Emergency Light, Sound and Charging Station is particularly handy to have around. This compact unit can operate as an emergency light, spotlight, FM Radio, MP3 Player and cell phone charger. It is rechargeable, portable, independent, multi functional and versatile. Features: It can be charged from 220V AC mains, 12V DC or Solar Panel. AC and DC cables included. Solar panel is an optional extra. Emergency Lantern - 30 SMD ultra-high output LED's switch on automatically in the even of a power outage. Higher power 1W LED spotlight. FM Radio. MP3 Player (with Micro SD and USB input sockets). USB output 5V (uses cell-phone USB cable to charge your mobile, MP3 or GPS). Adding optional solar panel allows operation in areas with no electricity supply.

Tactical Quarter Master
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Tactical Quarter Master Beligting

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