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Bactallion Red Bio Cleaner

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Bactallion Red Tablets 30 Tablets per Bottle, Tablet Weight: 5 Gram. Bio Cleaner Bathroom deep cleaner for removal of scaling, soap scum, black mold and general bathroom cleaning. Easy to activate use. One 5 g effervescent tablet makes 1 Liter in-use solution. Compact: No need to for bulky bottles: One pack of tablets weighing 200grams is the equivalent of 30kg of Bio Liquid. Due to the compact nature of the tablet, it is easily transported and mixed on site/at the scene. Use mop, cloth, spray bottle or brush to apply. No need to haul bulky bottles about, simply mix with water when needed. Stored in a cool dry place the tablets should have an indefinite shelf life. Ideal for public and home toilets, remote clinics, camps and barracks.


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