Monthly Newsletter - November Edition

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Monthly Newsletter - November Edition  



"Talk about a weekend getaway. Antelope Park gives you a unique holiday. I had the best time.., the hospitality was just on another level, friendly staff, knowledgeable guides yah, and the activities were just on point at some point I thought I wasn't gonna go back home in one piece lol. lion walk, elephant interaction, snake induction, and the Sundowner carriage ride were my highlights of the weekend "

- Morebie

"Amazing experience with friendly staff. I spend my weekend there with the family we had so.much fun"
- Faith

"Enjoyed every second I spend at Antelope Park, it's a friendly environment and all the staff are so nice. Looking forward to be back soon......" 
- Myqel


Join us for a wonderful family Christmas feast at Antelope Park! 

3 delicious courses with a complimentary glass of champagne. Adult Price $70, Child Price $40.
Transfers/Ecocash accepted. Pre-bookings accepted only.

Email: or call Mobile: + 263 772609541/+ 263 737780975. 

The Antelope Park Family welcomes you!

Tetsuya Mizoguchi Cape to Cairo

This incredible man 'Tetsuya Mizoguchi' arrived at the end of November 🌍🌍🚲🚲
Tetsuya a 22-year-old mechanical engineering student from Japan, is on a once in a lifetime journey, cycling from Cape to Cairo.
He has now completed his South African stretch and arrived on our home soil 'Gweru' in Zimbabwe. Antelope Park offered our facilities for a well-deserved stop-over.
While with us, Tetsuya learned of our ALERT project and touched a Lion for the first time.
We were sad to see him but wish him self-travels as he intends to continue his ride through Zimbabwe, Zambia, Tanzania, Uganda, Kenya, Ethiopia, Sudan, and finally Egypt.
Good Luck Tetsuya! We will keep you updated on his journey.


The water in the dam is currently at its lowest level in 25 years - mainly because our neighbours have over 1000 acres of recently installed irrigation which is draining our water resources.

A new dam is under construction to ensure guests always see water and wildlife from the lodge, with the opportunity to do kayaking and fishing activities too.

The new dam will also ensure we are able to keep our 15 acres of lawns green and lush all year round!


November was a record month for Antelope Park with over 500 guests using our conference facilities. We hosted our largest conference yet for 'Action Aid Activista' accommodating 150 guests in our 'Safari Conference Tent'. We offer an array of 'Conference packages' inclusive of Accommodation and Team building activities.


Workshops and Main House: Blessing
Housekeeping: Sibusiso
Accounts: Olga
Food and Beverage: Prosper
Coffee shop: Nyasha
Elephants: Colin
Lions: Zanele
Stables: Tom
Grounds: Mabvuto
Maintenance: Nyoni
Guides: Samuel
Reservations: Kwenama
Communities: Blessings
Stores: Rosa
Loss Control: Marjorie
Driver: Talent
HOD of the month: IRI


Have you volunteered at Antelope Park before? Was it one of the best things you have ever done and are you desperate to come back?

We've heard it so often that we're now offering returning volunteers a 5% discount when booking directly with Antelope Park on our website.

What are you waiting for - press the button below and book your return to AP!


“My experience at Antelope Park has been an amazing experience. Our daily schedule is very well organized and you have good support from the team in place. Also, you get to meet people from all over the world.”
Stéfanie Desrosiers – 30, Canada

“These 4 weeks has been 4 of the best in my life! I’ve developed as a person and I really feel I left Zimbabwe with a different view on life! I miss the animals and people everyday! Thank you Antelope park for having me! I Will be back in the future!”
Julia Nordmark – 22, Sweden

“This has been 12 amazing weeks, that I'll never forget. This place makes you realize so much about life. I've learnt so much, and I feel like I have grown as a person, which I have AP to thank for. Working with these kids has had a huge impact on me and my life, and I'll always be able to look back at my time in Zim with a big smile. I'm so grateful for this journey. I have enjoyed every second if it.”
Kathrine Hosbond – 19, Denmark



Conservation Education: 53 students graduated after completing all 6 modules of the course. Graduation day was held at Antelope Park with an elephant interaction, lion enclosure tour, game drive, snake
Julena Rural Primary: Volunteers built an oven to bake bricks, loaded and offloaded bricks, cleared land in preparation for a garden and completed construction of a verandah on the second classroom block.


249 babies attended to in the Baby Clinic by measuring height, weight and filling in of growth charts to ensure they are growing well.
320 patients attended to under general observations, by taking of temperature, weight and blood pressure.
283 pregnant women checked to ensure that they are healthy.
OI Clinic & Dispensary: 35,978 pills counted and packaged.


At just 14 months old, Lalamika has made her first kill during a long lion walk. It’s very rare for this to happen so young but with her incredible natural instincts, she’s destined for great things. We are so excited to see what is next for our girl!


The Stables Volunteers partook in fast safari rides and got to see the new baby Zebra and Wildebeest in the park! They also learnt to drive the mule carriage, tested out the cross-country course, went on horse swims, sunrise and sunset rides and played many polocrosse matches with other volunteers and staff.

Antelope Park
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