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L8 - DIE WATERGAT 25 - 29 April 2022

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Everyone arrived on Monday the 25 April. First the Lawrences and Bond-Smiths and then the Browns and Conradies in the morning and later in the day the Pieters arrived. We were fortunate to have the whole camp to ourselves the whole time we were there and had perimeter security beams that we could activate via remote at night with Vetus Scola on standby, should the alarm be triggered. The campsites have lovely green lawn, a boma with 2 fridges, work surfaces, 2 big benches and a huge firepit. The ablutions were 3 combined toilet and shower rooms, 1 shower room and 1 toilet all with individual doors. The weather was good and we had very little wind and every evening was spent round the fire and sitting eating our meal under the boma.
Skrywer Trekkers Outdoor Recreation Club
Indrukke 21499
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