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Hi Everyone

Our third Outspan of the year is just around the corner with, hopefully, a little respite from the overwhelming humidity that we, on the coast, have been experiencing for the last three or four months while our families living in the northern hemisphere have been experiencing cold and wet weather or have been fighting frightening fires – who says the weather patterns haven’t been truly compromised???

Enough complaining as we are now going to wish a very happy birthday to:

Dennis Mouton and Lynda Estment.
Have a wonderful day full of love and joy.



Per adult per night: R90.00
Per Child 4 – 12 years per night: R45.00
Per pet per night: R20.00

Please note Marlon’s special rates –
you can stay 4 nights and only pay for 3 or
You can stay 7 nights and only pay for 5 nights.
With this in mind, a couple of us are thinking of going on Friday and leaving on Tuesday so think about joining us – let me know.

Plans for the weekend are:

FRIDAY p.m.: Arrive and settle in – have supper at ‘The Shack”
SATURDAY ± 2.00 p.m.: Please bring a plate of sweet or savoury goodies for our tea table - thank you
SATURDAY ± 7.00 pm: Braai time – please bring a delicious salad for the communal table – again thank you
SUNDAY: Do your own


Don’t forget you can pay your Outspan fees with an EFT to our banking account [just don’t forget to send Fred a copy of your deposit]:

BRANCH CODE: 260 225
ACCOUNT No. 62693349823


The Shack’s Menu:

Chips: R15.00
Chicken Strips and chips: R40.00
Fish and chips: R40.00
Russians and chips: R40.00
Russian \ Chicken combo: R45.00
Calamari and Chips: R55.00
Calamari \ Chicken combo: R60.00
Calamari \ Fish combo: R60.00

And now, from our newest member, Bud … his take on our February Outspan at MacNicols

As usual The Beep was packed and ready for the outspan, at least a week before the event. And like excited kids we decided to get an early start as it’s a long way from Pennington to MacNicols Holiday Resort in Bazley Beach. We dodged pot holes and taxis, and arrived a day early.... travel in Africa can be so exciting!

Colleen showed us to our reserved block, and we spent a lot of time looking for shade and avoiding the dreaded falling fruit. These make a horrific noise when they collect with caravan roofs and car bonnets. it was hot.... darn hot....32 deg C but feels like 35....and the pool is only in the shade from 3,30, so we settled down, I in the shade and Cath in the sun...must work on her tan...ek weet nie mense !

Also packing in a long weekend and next to arrive was Alan and Jill, all the way from Illovo. Again, a quick set up and an introduction to...mothballs...Jill must have emptied a jar full in their trailer tent...luckily by next morning the smell was gone, I'm sure the goggas were too... After the long day it was an early night.

Cath and I decided to get an early walk on the beach, but the heat drove us back to camp. The heat didn't seem to affect Alan and Jill as they went off on a bike ride.... phew!

And so the rest of our members arrived. Les and Barbara were quick to setup their the sun sans sunblock ...eina... It was good to see Fred and Joan as they missed the previous Outspan, and thank heavens, Fred seemed none the worse for wear following his surgery.... the Nederlanders are tough!

All eyes were on Kurt and Rosalee’s arrival, and surprise...the van was levelled...the roof went up...stays were down...awning was fed and up, and without a hammer, well done Kurt...I think we lost a bit of revenue and entertainment though....

Hugh and Sandra were quick to set up once Hugh followed instructions.... grin....

John and Jackie made use of the ‘tent assist crew ‘as did Ian and Bev....fortunately Ian was quick to set up his ice machine and business was brisk.... did I mention load shedding? Last to arrive was the new kid on the block, Markus, all the way from Richards Bay....not too sure about the Richards Bay folk’s penchant for mixing the Angel’s share with coke.... can’t be right, can it?

Soon the flags were up, konka and firewood unloaded and time to cool off in the pool...the pool was hot! Eisch! There was some debate about the pool temperature...Jackie was sure it was 30 deg...ek weet nie!

In true Trekkers tradition we gathered around the konka and Joan surprised us with a packet of lebkuchen...thank you Joan kiss kiss, but I think Markus got more than me... Did I mention that it was Valentine's weekend? Well cupid has been a busy chap; the park was overrun with children ranging from prams to bicycles.... our laager was in Lagoon road which just happens to be the direct access to the swimming pool ...oiy vay Friday night was bedlam!

With the konka lit and warming up the hot evening Cath and I retired for the night and left the remaining members to misbehave on their own....apparently security sent them to bed, but I must say that I never heard a thing, could be due to the lebkuchen and angels share on the rocks....let op asseblief Markus!

Saturday, I think, was hotter than Friday, so apart from the delicious scones and cream at 10.30 there was little activity. Once the pool was in shade we once again gathered to heat up before the braais were lit. Due to the heat it was unanimously decided not to light the konka, and we gathered around our candle light to toast the day....I with the angels share on ice....getting the message Marcus , chuckle...I must admit that the camp was much quieter than Friday night and our conversation carried on till late..

Sunday's weather was predicted to be ‘extremely hot ‘, so Cath and I started packing up pretty early whilst I could still get ‘luft ‘....The Indaba took place at 10 and imagine my surprise to win on a! That’s a first as was yours truly getting the spoon...took everyone by one noticed that my cell phone was clutched in my grubby paw for the whole Outspan...grin

Fines were fast furious, and to quote Hugh, ‘were rather green ‘..
Abuse of the body fines were charged to Barbara for not applying sunscreen whilst putting up the skipper , and this after having 33 doo dahs burnt off; to Fred for carrying a tent so soon after surgery; to Alan and Jill for cycling in the midday heat; to Bev for putting her toes under Ian's nose, to Cath for knitting in the dark!
Failure to display, a fine to Alan for leaving his flag at home...
Dangerous equipment, to Marcus for bringing a plastic stool to the fire..
Bad housekeeping, a fine to Joan for leaving Fred's rooibos tea bags at home and another fine for losing the 6 borrowed tea bags; to Sandra for allowing the monkeys to steal Hughes sarmie!
Hazardous practices, a fine to Hugh for lighting his combi grill without the dust tray...and a fine to Sandra for not supervising Hugh...
Rowdiness, a fine to Fred for revving his bakkie in camp, but I must admit that this was due to Joan for interrupting Fred and my Joan was fined as well..
Lack of discipline fines, to Rosalie for instructing Kurt to get the table as she was busy talking, to Kurt who was told to get his own beer as Rosalie was relaxing..
Lack of good neighbourliness, to Ian for refusing to share his ice with Cath...did I mention load shedding?
Inconsistent fining practice, to Hugh for fining Kurt for not putting his caravan stays down correctly on the last Outspan , and proving that the stays were lowered the same way this time..
Non performance, to John for not adding the Morrises to the w'app group..

Terrifying appearance, Jackie for wearing war paint to the indaba..
Unacceptable speech, to Bud for using the dreaded R word..
Tardiness, to Bev for being late at the indaba..
As can be seen, a handsome fine collection was made.

Next Outspan: this will be held at Marlon Caravan Park from 13 to 15 there..

Cheers folks!

Well done, Bud, not only being our newest member to write the newsletter, but by fooling the ‘oldies’ with your ‘hi-tek’ by not having to run off to the van to write down some misdemeanour with chalk on a piece of slate and managing to rid most members of their small change. Except for the early, enforced bedtimes and the ‘earlier than the proverbial birdies’ very vocal children letting of steam running past the vans and playing in the pool it was a great weekend. We also hope that Markus was not put off by his bout of food poisoning brought on by a café pie bought on the road down to the park and that he is now feeling much better.

As soon as you have finished reading this Newsletter and you have not already done so, let me [Joan] know on either my mobile, 072 388 5477, or email at if, and when, you will be joining us at MARLON CARAVAN PARK as well as your food orders from ‘The Shack’ on Friday night - [if any].

Thank you,

Trek safely

My bumper sticker for March is… "Try to be a rainbow in someone's cloud"

P.S. It is that time of the year again [31 March actually] when subscriptions of R110,00 to Trekkers Outdoor Recreation Club are due.
The Committee, in their wisdom have, once again, decided not to increase these fees so, if you have not already done so, please pay Fred either, and preferably, by an EFT [see above] or at Marlon at the March Outspan.
Thank you.


Trekkers Outdoor Recreation Club
021 5571858
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