President’s annual report 21st September 2019

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President’s annual report 21st September 2019

It gives me great pleasure to report on the events and achievements accomplished by this amazing
organisation, which has forged, through its loyal members, long-lasting relationships which is absent in
many sectors of Southern African society.

As we continue to promote outdoor activities that enhances our collective efforts to conservation and
preserve our natural beauty for years to come, we continue to benefit emotionally and psychologically
in these difficult times, especially with the economic meltdown. Camping still proves to be the most
affordable and sane manner to cope with the demands of the corporate world, provided you have not
the privilege of retirement yet.

As our current membership is on the rise, we are also aware that in certain regions this presents its own
challenges. However, it is at gatherings like this that we share our secret recipes in order to return with
vigour as we share with our homies as to how we can grow. The secret I believe lies in ensuring that we
cater for all, young and old, showing tolerance and compassion to all who show an interest in camping.
When people see Trekker laagers camping they must become excited so that they become interested in
exploring and joining.

Many thanks to Derick Sinden, our webmaster who has kept the website updated and referring
applicants to the respected laagers. It is encouraging to read the newsletters which have been provided.
I encourage those who do not send newsletters through regularly to share you wonderful weekend
experiences not only with our members, but also the larger camping fraternity.

It is encouraging to read about the fun activities had by various laagers as they continue enjoying the
company friends and families. It is even more encouraging to see these activities shared on social media
and national TV, with specific reference to members of laarger 8 on “kom ons kamp”. Continue to fuel
the fires that creates the gesêlsvure, the Shananas, the do your Own Thing, potjiekos competitions and
street braais, the speedometer awards, moerstok, jokerthons, spanner and wooden spoon awards. If by
any chance I have confused you, please read those interesting newsletters posted on our website.

I would like to thank all members for your continued support in ensuring that Trekkers remains a highly
respected organisation amongst the other clubs in Southern Africa. I make reference to our location
rather than only our republic as we continue to encourage our members to explore beyond our own
boarders, providing your safety is not compromised. Having mentioned the safety aspect, it remains
eminent that we are strengthened in numbers as we need to be vigilant in this regard. I trust that no
campers will need to consider another way of recreation besides camping.

I would like to thank the President’s committee members, Lesley Shaw for taking care of the club covers,
Charlene Manuel for executing your secretarial responsibilities so meticulously, and to Wayne Hendricks
and Beverly Houton for filling in the adhoc responsibilities. Thanks to all provincial chairpersons, laager
chairpersons as well as your executive committee members for your continued support and for
executing your responsibilities diligently and unequivocally. You make my task really enjoyable and
rewarding. I look forward to continue serving this organisation if requested.

In conclusion I would like to express my sincerest appreciation to our hosts for really going all out to
make us feel welcome. But I need to remind all that the NAGM should never become a silent
competition, especially in these difficult economic times, but rather an event that we can all look
forward to on an annual basis to offer support and camaraderie as we continue to travel from province
to province. I look forward to many NAGM trips as we grow from strength to strength. Lastly, I would
like to convey my continued support to the incoming president’s committee ad we grow Trekkers from
strength to strength.

Yours in camping
Benjamin Pietersen
(President TORC)

Trekkers Outdoor Recreation Club
021 5571858

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