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After a long Christmas break, everyone was looking forward to a weekend of camping.

Sandra and Tim could not wait and arrived 7 days early with dogs and all. Our hosts were the last to arrive. We all
offered assistance, but they had a stopwatch ready and we watched them put up their campsite in a record time of
1h15. Well done.

Friday night everyone relaxed around the fire and shared Christmas and holiday stories. With plenty of fire wood,
the fire master kept the fire going until most disappeared to their shelters for the night. The die hards made sure
the fire is safe before sneaking off to bed as well.

Saturday the boys went fishing in the lagoon and caught a record 11 fish each (size did not count). The rest of the
kids enjoyed the warm lagoon water for a swim. With a reasonably warm sea temperature, the adults
tried some body surfing in the waves.

Sandi assembled his new outdoor shower on his Bushlapa and even had a shower in it. Ready for Africa Burn.
Saturday night we were spoiled with a traditional “stywe pap en sous” from the hosts as part of the African
theme. After supper, the “melk tertjies” made its appearance and the evening became quit festive.

Sunday we where greeted with lovely weather. We tried a typical South African sport (Jukskei) and some campers
showed real hidden talent (well done Adrian). The kids helped collecting the raffle goodies and before we could
wipe out our eyes, it was time for Indaba.

Vivian and David was the lucky winners of the raffles. Warren received a well deserved wooden spoon and Sandi
was the proud owner of the pineapple award. Vince and Connor had to share the kiddies fishing award.

Thanks to everyone for a great weekend.
Next outing : Roeberts (8 – 10 February)

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