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Hi Trekkers,
Hope you are all well and looking forward to a lovely summer for camping/caravanning.
We were certainly lucky with the weather for our weekend, it was raining on Thursday night
but cleared up early the next morning. Quite a few of our co-hosts were already settled in on the
Thursday, the rest arriving on Friday afternoon. Our large tents had been set up on Thursday
but during the night Laager 3's “Wally” had collapsed on one side causing some consternation in
the morning. The registration opened after 2 pm and soon there were happy campers going off
with their goodie bags, to see what surprises there were inside.

Supper in the evening was well catered by Laager 3, delicious burgers with lots of garnishes and
sauces to build them. The evening after was spent chatting around the 4 fires, renewing
friendships and getting to know new ones. It was a bit chilly so most folks retired around 10.30.

Saturday began with a super cooked breakfast supplied by Laager 21, starting with delicious fruit
and yoghurt and cereals. There was an intriguing decoration of a monkey made with pineapple
and bananas, which caught everyone's eye. Later folks went off shopping or wine farming, and
some games for the youngsters were held at the pool. In the afternoon the NAGM meeting was
held in the hall, luckily over by the time the rugby was shown in the TV Room. Meanwhile, Laager
8 was busy Braaing chicken and spit-roasting Kassler rolls, the ladies preparing salads

The evening went off well, with nice danceable music and a jolly singer who got things going.
People were dancing right up until the end after 11.30. The meal was superb and was rounded
off with delicious Malva pudding and custard. The meat was done to a turn and all the
accompaniments were tasty and plentiful. We had many compliments about it all.

Sunday morning, we combined to serve a continental breakfast, cutting up many oranges and
other fruit !! and later Vanessa conducted Indaba, congratulating the incoming committee. There
were many lucky draws, with some super prizes and they ran an auction for a very expensive
boxed Whiskey. We enjoyed the large cake and cupcakes with tea and then some visitors started
on their long journey home. We Kaapenaars were able to chill on for a while before packing up,
feeling we had done a good job !! With great teamwork !! Next year it is East London's turn.


PRESENT Carol, Me, Wayne & Vanessa, Sue & Doug, Angela & David, Judy &
Steven, Marieta & Leslie,

APOLOGIES Were received from, M&A, M&J, N&D, A&C, S&A.

BIRTHDAYS 1st October Alex, 2nd Meryl, 3rd Scotty, 5th Doug, All outdoor lovers.
HAPPY BIRTHDAYS to you all! May you all enjoy wonderful years
ahead with lots of super Outspans.

FUTURES 1st November Colleen, 4th Leslie, 17th Allen, 30th Wayne.
NEXT OUTSPAN Miller's Point 2nd-4th November 40th BIRTHDAY !!!

I have booked 5 sites,  so far 1 is still available, so anyone able to
join us is welcome, please let me know ASAP as we will need to pay in
advance. I will advise when I receive the invoice.
As we are having our birthday between two busy outspans, we think it
may be better to go out for our celebration meal. Salty Sea Dog has been
suggested so far if all Ok with that ??????? We will have a nice Birthday
cake for Sunday too.

We are a bit low key and haven't invited any other
Laagers as some of our members are overseas at the time.
FUTURES Die Watergat 23rd-25th November CHRISTMAS !!!
We have paid the deposit already and will confirm attendance for
catering soon.



Trekkers Outdoor Recreation Club
021 5571858
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