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There are many caravanning, camping, motorhome and 4x4 clubs in Southern Africa and they all have one common interest...camping and having fun together. Remember, caravan clubs are not necessarily agenda driven, but are very casual and "do your own thing togetherness" fun getaways.  Here is a list of clubs in Southern Africa, the choice is yours...

Caravan Clubs, Motorhome Clubs, Camping Clubs, 4x4 Clubs or any Club Associations not listed here are welcome to contact us and supply your details for insertion. This is a free service to Caravan Clubs, Motorhome Clubs, Camping Clubs and 4x4 Clubs only. Enquire about our special offer for clubs who do not have Internet Web sites. If you have a club website, please let us have the address to link to.

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After much deliberation and consideration we finally arrived at Imhoff despite the weather prediction of a storm. Despite the heavy cloud cover the Pietersen’s arrived shortly after the De Waal family had set up. Before dark, the Pietersen’s had glowing coals ready to braai some snoek brought from home which made a delicious dish accompanied with ‘patat’ as the rain starting falling, and pretty much forcing everyone into their caravans before 21h00.
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After a long,hard week at work ,and about 270 km of driving we reached De Hut campsite in Moreesburg. We were welcomed by a friendly young gentlemen who directed us to luscious, green grasss where we could set up our camp. The ablutions were fresh and clean and also Covid friendly. After indulging in some good Kudu steaks, red wine and geselsvuur we were ready fo bed .maagies vol, ogies toe!
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Our planned road trip to the NAGM almost did not happen due to Benny’s car being in the workshop, it was nail biting the last few days leading up to us leaving, but on the set date that we had to leave, good news came through late afternoon that we should pack and we were on our way, what a relief . Our first stop was at Stillewater , Rawsonville where we slept over for one night.
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L18 - Yellowsands - 15-18 Oct 2021

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A blustery start to the weeked as our fellow campers tried to find themselves a sheltered spot. Storm straps on and all ready for the weekend. Great excitement as the Hodgkinsons rolled in with their new caravan in tow, and if that wasn’t engough, shaun fancying himself as the jaffle master proceeded to use up countless loaves of bread to feed the campers. They were delicious.
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Why Join a Caravan Clubs, Motorhome Clubs, Camping Clubs or 4x4 Clubs?
You have that expensive Caravan, Motorhome, Camping, 4x4 equipment just sitting under the car porch or in the garage. Use it! Many Caravanners or Campers have paid a small fortune for their equipment only to use it once a year! What a waste! A very expensive waste at that. Use it!! Seriously consider joining a Club! It’s fun and better still, economical.

 Most Caravanners and Campers are under the misconception that by joining a Caravan or a Camping club, one is expected to follow a strict agenda. We are all under the impression that from the time of arrival to our departure, there is a set agenda of activities at certain times during the duration of the Rally or the Laager. This is not the case!!

Now for the GOOD NEWS!!

Caravanning or Camping with a club is very much a great excuse to mingle with fellow campers and do your own thing. By joining a club, you are going about your own pursuits along with other campers all there for the same reason. Should you prefer to just relax and sit under your awning with your favourite novel or crossword puzzle for the whole weekend, so be it.

Some clubs will have a Sunday Service with Sunday school for the Kids, and members wishing to attend can do so, but those wishing to ‘sleep in’, go for it!

Caravan Clubs, Motorhome Clubs, Camping Clubs and 4x4 Clubs generally camp for a weekend once a month. The dates and venues are planned in advance, normally for the preceding year, and can be changed at the Clubs discretion should there be a reason to do so. If a Public holiday falls just on, before or after the weekend, the Club will organize an extended stay for that ‘long weekend’. Most venues are at popular resorts, and very much reduced daily rates are negotiated for the members by the Club’s committee.

The golfers all get together for an excuse of a round of golf, or laughs, normally on Saturday morning. The wives either go with, or remain behind knitting, or whatever they do when the guys play golf! You can go fishing, jogging or whatever tickles your fancy! Saturday evening, do your own braai, potjie, or visit your neighbour and eat his food! No rules here.

 After sunset, or supper, or after you have eaten your neighbours supper, you may challenge your spouse to a game of scrabble, or safer still, grab a six-pack, or a bottle of wine, and join the gang around the campfire. Again, no rules here! Naturally behave yourself, but should the six-pack cause you to make an oratory idiot of yourself, next morning, just grin and bear the ribbing. The worst that will happen, is that you will be fined 50c or so at the Sunday morning get-together! Believe me, take a few 50c pieces here, you’ll need them! The fines master can come up with some real right Lulu’s here!

Naturally, clubs arrange various competitions, games and activities for the kids, impromptu fun or even enterprising amusement for all to participate in. One is not necessarily obliged to engage in these activities, nor are you ridiculed should you not take part. You are there to do your own thing, and not to be forced to be engaged in these activities. Join in if you wish, otherwise, grab a book, challenge the spouse to Scrabble, go fishing or, go play golf! You won’t be fined for beating your spouse at scrabble, maybe for showing off on the golf course yes, or coming home with a Gilimienkie and not a respectable sized fish - yes, but in general, you are camping for the comradeship, and nothing else.


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