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Training - Quest to Kosi Bay

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To prepare for the 4x4 trip, 4WD Expeditions runs through the operation of the vehicle as well as how to use the various equipment provided. 

The following are the key points that we went though when collecting the Land Rover:

  • 4x4 system including when/how to engage low gear and diff lock
  • Dual battery system
  • Aux points
  • Aux lighting
  • Recovery gear and instructions
  • Rooftop tent operating instructions
  • Using the hi-lift jack and jacking points
  • Fueling from the jerry can
  • Shower system and operating instructions
  • Vehicle maintenance
  • Emergency panic button
  • Water system
  • Q&A

After a very thorough training session, with Jason from 4WD Expeditions, Brian and I, Sean, are now confident with the vehicle and equipment and everything is looking great to start off our Quest to Kosi Bay!

Follow our Quest to Kosi Bay on the NBS and our Facebook page from 6th May 2016 to 10th May 2016.

Visit 4WD Expeditions website to start your own adventure!

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