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The Planning - Quest to Kosi Bay

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Brian and I, Sean, at have been provided with a 5 day 4x4 rental by 4WD Expeditions in which we will be using their Land Rover 110 Defender TD5. We are both very excited to be given the break away from the everyday office vibe and eagerly started thinking about what type of adventure to go on. With our minds focused on the trip, we were both looking up routes and places that we wanted to go to with our limitations being that Brian does not have a passport and we did not want to travel too far so two main options came up.

The Choices

Option 1 - "Eastern Cape Route", going from KwaZulu-Natal down through the Eastern Cape up into the Free State and back around down into KwaZulu-Natal. This route drew our attention because we could travel through the Hogsback and Katberg Pass where we would get our 4x4 adventure and not have to cross any country borders. The downside of this route was the fact that it involved long hours of "normal" driving between stops and less time to enjoy the scenery and have fun driving off road.

Option 2 - "KwaZulu-Natal North Coast Route" now dubbed the "Quest to Kosi Bay", where we would travel up the north coast to the Sodwana Bay area and then head off to Kosi Bay. We loved the idea of this route because it involved 4x4 beach sand road driving on the route between Sodwana Bay and Kosi Bay as well as all around the Kosi Bay area.

Final decision

After having plenty of discussions and passing around ideas of what activities we could do in the areas that we might visit, we came to a final conclusion. The "Quest to Kosi Bay" was chosen as our route that we both are really excited to go for. The main benefit of this route is that it keeps the "normal" driving to a minimum and which is mostly only the trip to the Sodwana Bay Area and then the trip back from Kosi Bay. This allows us much more time to enjoy driving on the beach sand roads and soak up as much of the scenery as possible. It also gives us a lot more time for activities at the locations we will visit.

The Route

Our general route would be the following; drive from 4WD Expeditions in Durban South to Mabibi campsite near Sibaya Lake, north of Sodwana Bay, and stay there for two nights then drive up to Kosi Bay Casitas, north of Kosi Lake, along the beach sand roads and stay there for two nights.


With this route plan, we will have plenty of time to enjoy the main reason for us choosing this route, driving on the beach sand roads around Sibaya Lake and Kosi Lake. We also get the chance to enjoy some of the other activities in the areas such as snorkeling at Hulley Point, taking a boat ride on the Kosi Lakes, snorkeling at the Kosi Estuary mouth and just generally enjoying the scenery of the lakes and beaches.

We will be leaving for the quest on 6th May 2016 and coming back on 10th May 2016. Updates will be posted when possible on the NBS as well as through the Facebook Page, so if you wish to follow our adventure then keep on the lookout!

Thank you to 4WD Expeditions for making this possible by providing us with the 4x4 rental.
Enquire at 4WD Expeditions if you wish to have your own 4x4 adventure!


Thank you to Kosi Bay Casitas for providing us with campsite accommodation at Kosi Bay, as well as for arranging activities in the area.

Thank you to Mabibi Campsite for providing us with campsite accommodation at Hulley Point.

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