Caravan Wiring

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I can never find this�diagram when�I need it -- so here it is!This allows you to connect up the wiring to tow a caravan or trailer.If you have a modern caravan, refer to the dealer as they may have an additional socket wired up to allow fridges etc to be run! The orientation of this picture is if you were looking into the socket on the tow bar from behind the car. This is the Female connector. The Male connector is the one on the trailer/caravan.
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Stabiliser vs No Stabiliser

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This is a discussion that most of us have had one time or another in the campsites and caravan parks around our country. On the one side, you normally find the “experienced” caravanner who has towed all his life without a stabiliser and has never experienced any problems. On the other side, you normally have mister “safety gadget” that will try anything, if he thinks it will make life easier or safer for him and his family.
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