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March 2019 Resort Rating Winner

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March 2019 Resort Rating Winner

Congratulations to: Jozua Fokker from Lydenburg who is this months Resort Rating competition winner, he has won a: 7pc Professional Steak Knife Set from Snappy Chef and some great extras

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TheQM – Comfortable washable mask (10Pack)

Product | TheQuarterMaster
From R345.00 Masks also sold individually @ R49.45 each These are by far the most comfortable face masks I’ve had the displeasure of being forced to wear. If you have to wear a mask the entire day (and you’re not a health worker or first responder) these are by far the most comfortable. They fit around your head so they don’t pull your ears out like a 1922 bowling trophy, and if you really want to, there is an insert pocket to put additional filter material in. They’re not funny, or cute, but they are wearable for most the day if you have to.
Author TheQuarterMaster
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