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LAAGER 8 NEWS - OU SKIP 14/15 November 2014

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LAAGER 8 OU SKIP 14th- 15th November 2014

Hi there Trekkers, how are the Festive season preparations going ? Suddenly there seems such a lot to do and one doesn’t know where to start. Our Outspan at Ou Skip started off with warnings about the wind for the weekend and a bit of rain was expected as well, so when we arrived it was a rush to get awnings up and settled before the onslaught! My friend Emily gave a hand and soon we were congratulating ourselves that we had finished in time! We had a downpour and great puddles on the roof of our awning in no time. Les and Marieta had set up there rig and went off to fetch Aaron from school, so they missed it. Next thing I had a phone call from Carol who was at the gate, trying to decide whether she should come in or not, she was invited for a cup of tea in the meantime so she could slowly make up her mind. Luckily the rain stopped and she managed to erect her tent before the next shower. Steven and Judy and the boys had arrived in the meantime and were soon set up and soon after that Angela and Dave appeared after Angela had been stuck in traffic on the way home. So we were a merry little band sitting huddled in the Brown’s awning to shelter from the cold wind. Nevertheless a good old braai fire was on the go and cheered up the mood a bit and later the wind seemed to drop, so we had a nice evening chatting and eating and catching up. Marieta and Leslie returned and joined in, Marieta with some of the news from Bonny Scotland.

Saturday was fine, just a bit cloudy and windy although we heard that it was raining in Parow, but Cape Town weather is never the same in two suburbs so we were dry. Sally and Adrian arrived and soon Chad and Robert and James were happily climbing the slide and having fun in the play park. Chad was a little unsure at first, having just recovered from his op, but soon was managing on his own. Both families had parked right at the bottom of the road so the parents had a good view of the playpark, which was easy for them to keep an eye on things. After a bit of shopping, most of us settled to having a relaxing afternoon chatting and enjoying the odd refreshment. Dennis and Nikki and Aaron came to visit and Dennis was on a mission to gather info from the seasoned caravanners as to the necessities required to make a caravan home from home, as they are anticipating the arrival of their new one from Germany. The Browns were cooking a pot of stew, so we lit the fires at Steven’s ‘van and braaied there. Les and Marieta and the Browns joined us later round the fire and chatted ‘till quite late.

Sunday was a beautiful day and after breakfast and Indaba, we took off to the pool area to play Putt-putt. Robert and James had a few swims while Chad perfected his style and his swing whilst the Mums and Dads kept a watchful eye. Afterwards we braaied again and reluctantly packed up after 4pm. Again a jolly good weekend.


Dave welcomed us all saying it was nice to have a reasonable turnout, nice to have Emily visiting with us too. APOLOGIES Were received from M and A, S and D, A and C, M and J, N and D and W and V. (Initials just to make you exercise your brains). BIRTHDAYS 17TH November, Allen and the 30th Wayne. May you both enjoy a happy day and look forward to a year of Good times ahead.

NEXT OUTSPAN Chapmans Peak 5th-6th December (R360 for weekend) Christmas Outspan so please bring : R25 per adult. Robbie’s Roost, Spit Braai’s, Skottles, Weber?, Serving dishes, Carving knives Decorations for caravan and table (Prizes for the best of both) Xmas tree and decorations, Father Christmas suit, Froggy game or other suitable. Gifts wrapped in red for ladies, blue / green for gents approx R50 value. Children’s same value. Collection for CT City Mission for Sunday.

SALADS PUDDINGS Angela Pasta Nikki chocolate Scotty Dutch onions Sally trifle Judy Broccoli Carol mince pies Marieta Bean Wayne ice cream Vanessa Bake Sue ? ? Meryl green Anyone not mentioned, please just bring whatever you like to make.

FUTURE OUTSPANS Millers Point 24th-25th January (club rate) Yzerfontein 20th-21st February (club rate) pay in advance Hollandse Meulen 5th-6th March (R495 weekend) combined


Dave was in fine fettle and had thought up a myriad of transgressions

Angela for washing up stand bondage, leaving the top off the washing up liquid,
Carol also for doing the washing up.
Steven for making divets in the grass.
Angela, not buying something ?
Carol, being indecisive about camping.
Scotty, lack of safety precautions tripping the electricity
Judy , lack of supervision of Steven with the kebabs.

Angela , went to bed before Dave.
Les and Marieta both for arriving late and sneaking in in the dark
Steven, not letting Judy do the brush up
Carol, attempting to incite violence by handing out sharp sticks for the marshmallows.

Dave thinking he is on SURVIVOR and being possessive about his fire, was astonished when a shovel was stuck in the middle of it . Adrian , for being cheeky (even though he claims he started it). Steven actually gave him the spade!

THAT’S ALL FOLKS. HOPE I HAVEN’T FORGOTTEN ANYTHING ! Please use your own initiative if I have !

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