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Hi Everyone

First of all, loving wishes to all Trekker members for a fantastic and healthy year with many happy hours of caravanning in our beautiful country. We have 12 wonderful Outspans to look forward to during 2018 and below you will find details of our first one but, before that, it is time to wish …..

27 Allan Shepherd

Many happy returns on his birthday … Our best wishes for a wonderful special day.


OUTSPAN FEES: Per Person per night R75.00

Per Pensioner couple per night R85.00


The plans for this weekend are as follows:

FRIDAY p.m.: Arrive and settle in
SATURDAY ± 2.30 p.m. Please bring a plate of sweet or savoury goodies for our tea table - thank you
SATURDAY ± 7.00 pm: Our first Braai of the year – please bring a delicious salad for the communal table

We have been allocated the following sites:

12, 14, 15, 16, 32, 33 and 34.


Don’t forget you can pay your Outspan fees with an EFT to our new account [just don’t forget to send Fred a copy of this deposit]:

BRANCH CODE: 260 225
ACCOUNT No. 62693349823

And now here is Susan and Brett’s take on our last Outspan at:


The last Trekkers Laager 1 Outspan of the year was a blast – so sorry for you if you weren’t there! We arrived on Friday afternoon after an exhausting 7-minute drive to find nearly everyone set up and enjoying the sunshine. What a lovely camp site! High, wooded cliff sides to protect from the wind, complete with a pair of spectacular crowned eagles, thick lush lawn to camp on – and a river running through it, dotted with geese and their offspring. Very picturesque. So was Brett’s language as we began to set up in the blistering heat! Having had a ‘knee op’ the Friday before, and supposed to be ‘resting’, he nevertheless played Rambo, albeit with a twisted expression of pain on his face the whole time. It didn’t help that we were trying to turn a caravan 90 degrees, on said thick, lush lawn (which now didn’t seem so picturesque as it snarled up the wheels something chronic) with the brake on...A caravan has a brake, does it? Hmm, something Fred didn’t teach me at Karridene! Tch tch.

Thanks to help from Hugh and Sandra, we were eventually relaxing in the shade. Already there and in ‘Christmas party position’ (oh yes, there is such a thing!) were Dennis and Antonette, Joan and Fred and Allan and Margaret. The Morgans were nicely tucked away in the corner, closest to the loo. (A bright place to be, as I discovered in the middle of the night...) The Prinsloos were settled near to Hugh and Sandra, and opposite were Bev and Ian (thanks for the ice – all two pieces of it!) and Mark and Vanessa. I name names, but as it turned out, half of the above weren’t present on Friday afternoon, and in fact I’m beginning to think I just imagine Vanessa - does she really exist...? Last to arrive, as the drizzle began to fall, was Margot with her tent – and the circle of happy campers was complete.

I had an ‘Alice’ moment when I seriously considered the potency of Margot’s red wine, which we were quaffing liberally – a white rabbit hopped from beneath Sandra’s caravan. Once everyone nearby assured me that I was not ‘tripping’ (oh, the fun they could have had with me if they’d thought fast!), I settled back to enjoy the bunnies - and more of the wine.

Rain did nothing to dampen spirits – only a couple of laps, as we gathered under the main awnings on Friday night. Great to catch up on news – after all, most of us hadn’t seen each other since - when? Two whole weeks prior? Was good to see that those who’d had a bout of ill health and hospital stays were recovering nicely. Dennis was a trifle quiet that Friday night, but, happily, made up for it the rest of the weekend. 

On Saturday, again everyone scattered to the 4 winds. Brett and I sped off to nearby Shongweni for some Christmas shopping; Joan, Jackie and the near-invisible Vanessa vanished to Christmas parties or some such events, and Barbara and Les went to see a movie. And returned with a large potted orange rose bush! This caused much hilarity for some reason that escapes me: all I know is, I didn’t get a rose bush!

And then the main event. No, not the rugby (we lost), but the supper. Much to-ing and fro-ing resulted in a lovely long length of festive tables and everyone sitting down to a fabulous Christmas meal. Rain threatened, clouds glowered – but the evening remained fine – in more ways than one.


Many thanks to the various cooks, especially head-chef Allan, who was responsible for the meats and vegies. Delicious! I retired to bed early with a full and fat tummy, but I believe the others only got to their respective vans after midnight. A great party.

At the Sunday meeting, Margot was officially welcomed as the newest member. (Bet she has a caravan next time!) Raffles were drawn, Mark receiving the lion’s share to remarks of ‘as usual’, prompting me to suggest the whole system is audited (Allan?) .
The last of the gammon was eaten to the accompaniment of left-over Christmas cake, mince pies and Christmas pudding – and somehow it just seemed right. A fitting end to a fabulous weekend. Happy Christmas, everyone, and see you all next year.


Sue and Brett

Thanx for a lovely [first!] write-up about another lovely special weekend – and, as I said above, another 12 to look forward to in 2018.



It is with sadness that we heard that Sandra’s mother, Betty Paul, had passed away. She and Doug were members of Laager 1 for many years until ill health resulted in them having to give up caravanning which they missed dreadfully but their participation will always form part of our Laager 1 history. Our condolences and love go to Sandra and Hugh and their family.

Sandra and Hugh are still with their daughters on holiday in the UK but Susan, who also spent time in the UK is once again back in sunny SA.


As soon as you have finished reading this Newsletter and you have not already done so, let me [Joan] know on either my mobile, 072 388 5477, or email

Thank you,
Trek safely JOAN

My bumper sticker for January is: Once the game is finished, the King and the Pawn go back into the same box.

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