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HI there Trekkers,

We had a wonderful turnout for this Outspan, so thanks to everyone for making it so enjoyable.
We were very pleased to see Muggie and JP already set up and Colleen and Alex settled in
nicely with a bit of shade. Meryl and Allen had arrived a little earlier too, it was so nice to see
them after all their travels. There was plenty space to choose a site, but it somehow took Marieta
and Leslie, Martin and Jill and myself ages to make up our minds where to set up. The Browns
and Carol and Wayne arrived soon after, then Nikki and Dennis, Sue and Doug, Judy and Steven
and Sally and Adrian. So a full complement.

We chatted and orientated inspecting the ablutions etc and caught up with our lives and the
traffic. We had 6 boys again Aaron, Daniel, Campbell, Chad, James and Robert who were soon
involved with a game of cricket. Later we braaied and sat around the communal braai, which is
very nice with plenty space to make smaller fires. We sat under cover and made use of the tables
and benches there.

On Saturday some of us took off to buy wine or olives or ingredients. The boys swam and played
mine craft in action. Robbie's Roost was set up early before it got too hot and later the tables and
the 'vans were decorated, potatoes peeled (Well done to Dennis and helpers ). The meats were
rotating on the spits, the fires supervised by the men while the ladies prepared salads and
puddings. Meat carved, potatoes fried, we were all ready to begin the feast. The table settings had
been judged and a memento of our 40 years, in the form of placemats were all set out.

We tucked into all the delicious salads as well as the Kassler and beef and roasties. Father
Christmas dropped off some presents for us all and we had a great time opening the surprises.
The desserts were delicious and we really packed them in !! Thanks to Wayne also for the nice
music which some of us danced to a little! We were too full !!

After our usual Christmas story and carols, we held Indaba and after that relaxed and enjoyed the pool and the shade and some leftovers, finally packing up quite late in the afternoon. The
collection we took for Cape Town City Missions amounted to R750. So Thanks to all for your

David got the place right! And was very happy that we had such a good
attendance. He welcomed Muggie and JP again as our visitors and the rest of us.


Wayne 30th November Jill 17th January
Nikki 22nd December
Carol 23rd December
Steven 27th December
Martin 31st December
Easter weekend babies ??? Wishing you all a wonderful day and a really
Happy Year to follow, with lots of good weekends!

Dave handed out lists of venues in the Western Cape asking for us to
suggest others and to choose the ones we would like to visit. The idea
is to book the whole year in advance. Since then we have booked
Chapman's Peak 18th-20th January (Confirmed) NB Changed date.

This is a proposed list only those Booked are confirmed.
Hollandse Meulen 15th February (R560 weekend for 6 p)Combined
Kam Bati 21st March
Klipkrans 26th April
Koningskop 24th May
Berg River 21st June
Van Zyl's Rus 26th July
Marcuskraal 23rd August
Die Watergat 27th September Booked
Mountain Breeze 25th October
Oppi Plaas 22nd November Booked. (Christmas)

Best table Alex and Colleen, Muggie and JP
Caravan Allen and Meryl
Beautiful lights and décor

Carol forgot the sausage, Dave the Xmas decorations, Angela didn't remind.
Bev no awning, Scotty no awning, Alex sailing his drone, Wayne shooting kids'
guns, Muggie currying favour with cheese balls, Vanessa forgetting marge and
baking powder.

Adrian and Sally for hiding away with their new caravan!

Dennis for thinking he could improve the meat by dropping it into the coals !!!


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