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Freewheelers Newsletter . June 2021 - No 112.

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As always, Bazley is a delight. We had a brilliant turnout of 19 families. These excellent numbers lately have been wonderful and nice to see folk getting back into sort of normal life again. As best as we can!!

To give Bazley credit – they came to the party with excellent rates for us pensioners – not so good for our others. Consequently, the park is always full. Other parks who were approached just stuck to their more expensive rates – guess how full those parks are?

In the last newsletter, I failed to congratulate Fred and Michelle Yeo plus Mike and Jeanine Sheasby on their new vans – well done both of you and many happy miles and holidays with them.

While on the subject of new rigs – Craig and Charne Smith arrived with a brand new off-road Invader Duo.
Also nice to see them after quite a while and congrats on the new van – they had big headaches with the previous off-road trailer so hopefully all will be good now.

Similarly, to Des and Sue Warrington and Gavin and Annalene Siepman – great to see you all again.

Plus, we welcomed some new members, Rob and Donna Pasley and Ian and Lorna Cunningham. – friends of the Kirkbrides’ and Cobus respectively. Lovely to have you join us and I hope you have a ball camping with Freewheelers.
The entire weekend was pretty chilled – pun intended!

Bright and sunny but a bit cool but so only a few diehards enjoyed the pool. The usual tea and scones being always a treat.

Otherwise some tried their luck at fishing, others walked on the beach or just socialized.
Saturday evening was our usual communal braai and the ladies did us proud. So much so, that the left over salads were left outside for the monkeys!!

As luck would have it, almost as we all finished eating, the heavens’ opened and we had a lekker downpour. This chased most of us inside for the night.

Unfortunately, Lyn Coetzer has had some surgery so she and Frans were unable to attend this getaway. I’ve seen her and she’s looking healed and well. Keep strong and we’ll see you soon.


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