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Trekkers Laager IX                           September  2017


Gamtoos outing

At the start of the week leading up to the camping weekend, the heavens opened in full force raising concern that the camping weekend would be a wet one. Thankfully by midday Friday blue skies appeared.

First on site was Gail and Malcolm followed by the Campbell’s, slowly one by one larger 9 members arrived filling up the allocated camp sites. Fire master Kevin Campbell started with the ritual of lighting the fire creating the atmosphere for everyone to come and join. It was a “Do your own thing” braai, and as Robin was nursing an injury at home, the fire master took full advantage and fire was ready to braai a little later than normal. Lots of laughter shared around the fire. Some even tried a little hand at catching fish with no bites coming in. A good evening.

On Saturday morning, the sun rise was a beautiful sight, However, someone forgot to put up the Laager XI flag. No names mentioned. Once all and sundry was awake, the talk of breakfast loomed over the air. Some went different ways to buy the spek en eiers, whilst others chilled at the camping site making their own.

The weather was beautiful throughout the day, and kids had a ball, riding bikes, fishing and playing hockey. Some of the bigger kids were even throwing a rugby ball around. One All Black in particular we noticed battled to catch the ball, or at least his wife. Speaking of which, many a camper gathered in the pub gearing up to watch the rugby test between the Springboks and the Argentines. Next door was a wedding which was being filmed by M-Net, and some of the Laager members tried to catch some glimpse of fame. Bridget”Gail” Bardot, and Darren Cruise and the crew. Fire Master started the fire, and Tomo and company maintained it until the rugby was over. Springboks were victorious and set the tone for the evening theme, of “Build a Burger”.

Burgers came in all shapes and sizes, as well as flavors. Charl the chairman had more than his mouthful, with all contestants bringing him their burgers to taste. If I have to say, he sure can eat em up.

After the meal, the wind started to blow hard, and it was decided not to  continue with the fire, and an early night was had by most.

Sunday morning saw the flag missing in action, only to be found by the Chairman  in his own caravan by himself. On a beautiful morning, Amanda, and Louwrens, Sakkie, Kobus, PH & Spandex treated all the campers to a wonderful champagne breakfast for their joint birthdays.They really went out of their way, and it was really enjoyed by all.

Straight after breakfast everyone gathered around for Shanana. The normal proceedings took place, and eventually the awards were given out. Burger evening was deservedly won by Bonnie & Clyde. Darren received the spanner for his not knowing how his Isuzu works. Louwrens received the Moerstok due to some fish he never caught. Jakkals wasn’t guessed and the ex Chairman Brendan Day took charge and emptied a few people’s pockets.

Sunday afternoon saw the last fire ready for the few that braai’d. Campers packed up and went on their merry way.

All in all, a great weekend was had by all. And we look forward to the next outing in September.



Schwagele, Pedrosa, Barkhuizen, Nell                                                                                                                   


Sean and Reinet                 


Dudley and Sheila

THANK YOU                                                                                                          

  • To  Fire master and scribe –  Campbells
  • Amada and Kobus for the birthday breakfast and to their helpers
  • Ladies for their puddings
  • Brian for the calamari
  • Kobus for the drink
  • Marius for organising the fixing of the awning
  • Wayne for the prize for the best hamburger
  • Malcolm for donation of birthday chocolates



  • Moerstok – Darren to Lourens
  • Spanner –  Kevin to Darren
  • Speedometer -  van Zyl to Malcolm and Luzanne
  • Spoon – Kevin (to be handed out October again)
  • Best hamburger - Clinton and Bonny



Brendan  was the Jakkals. Well doneJ.  Made R70 (Don’t forget to hand it over)



Free night went to the Campbells




3rd  Tyron                                   9th Lisa

14 Malcolm (Nash)                     17th Lindsay

18th Jordan                                 20th Bonnie

26th Daniella                               30th Wade


Next outing                                          DATES            

Mangolds Pools                                     22 and 23rd September


Cost                                                     R150 per night



  • Settle in and do your own thing



  • Saturday afternoon: Nola to demonstrate koeksister making.  Costs to be shared among everybody
  • Rock Bully Competition
  • Paintball – organised by Clinton
  • Supper:   Bring own woks. 



  • Sha-na-na and braai
  • Some people may be staying the extra night



The Cole family will be for this outing

It will be the Fire master’s duty to ensure that everyone places their wood at the braai Friday night.



  • Woks


Day:  2 to 100!


  • Safe travels to those attending the NAGM.
  • The trailer is at Bevan’s work
  • First Aid kit is with Lisa
  • A message will be put on WHATSAPP to confirm attendance to outing and who will be staying the extra night.


Regards and safe trekking


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