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Leg Irons

Product Tactical Quarter Master
Leg Irons We live in interesting times, at some point you may have to legally restrain a suspect, both for your safety and do it in such a manner that the suspect is not harmed.
Author Tactical Quarter Master
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Sherpa Fibretrail

Product Sherpa Caravans
Sherpa Fibretrail
Author Sherpa Leisure
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Potjie Pot Competition

Club News
This magnificent trophy is up for grabs . Who is going to have the privilege of having their name first on it ?
Author Freewheelers - Durban Area
Impressions 5491

Earthfire Portable Ceramic Oven

Product Kwik Braai
The Earthfire portable ceramic oven has all the cooking characteristics of a conventional pizza oven, at less than half the cost.
Author Kwik Braai
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Sprite Splash HI RIDER

Product Kennis Sprite Splash HI Rider
Sprite Splash Hi-RIDER
Author Kennis Caravans & Motorhomes
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Silver Streams Winter Special

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Book for two nights for two people in any of our self catering ....
Author Silverstreams Caravan Park
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Honey Badger Knives

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Well-built knives with a Warranty at a Fantastic price.
Author Tactical Quarter Master
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Gas Shear Wind Protector

Product Kwik Braai
Gas Shear Wind Protector
Author Kwik Braai
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49cc Quad Bike

Product Kwik Braai
49cc quad bike - 2-stroke with centrifugal clutch - Ages 4 to 7
Author Kwik Braai
Impressions 5062

Exclusively small and reasonably priced

Resort News
Here at De Rust Caravan Park you can enjoy the following - Birding, Game Viewing and Hiking
Author De Rust Caravan Park
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Lee 9mmP/9mm Luger 3 Die Set – Carbide

Product Tactical Quarter Master
Carbide Set compromises Full Length Carbide Sizing Die, Bullet Seating Die
Author Tactical Quarter Master
Impressions 5149

Electric Go Kart

Product Kwik Braai
Get your kids outside with this great electric go kart.
Author Kwik Braai
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Nature's Rest Charity Walk/Run

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Nature's Rest Charity Walk/Run for Knysna Disaster Victims
Author Natures Rest
Impressions 6686

Sprite Splash Hi-RIDER has a new look

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Not a rough-roader, but something in-between, by popular demand. Only from Kennis-the leading innovators of caravan products with an appeal to a broad range of products
Author Kennis Caravans & Motorhomes
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Welcome Mountain View

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You can now view Mountain View's details and make your booking via their Full listing, right here on
Author Mountain View Entertainment Centre and Accommodation
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Small Utility Pouch – Green

Product Tactical Quarter Master
Green Small Utility Pouch: 3 Pouches for Phones, Smart Phone, Wallet, Licences, lighters, Smokes and other Gadgets to Store or Carry whilst on the range or EDC’ing.
Author Tactical Quarter Master
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Category: News | Author: Trekkers Outdoor Recreation Club |  Date posted: Thursday, 13 July 2017 | Impressions: 4373   53


Hi there Trekkers,
What wonderful weather we had this weekend! Most of us arrived around midday on the Public Holiday, which made us all nice and relaxed to start with. Nikki and Dennis had been there since the night before all on their own, so were glad to see Les and the rest of us. Steven very kindly reversed my 'van into the site for me, as I was quite sure I would have landed up in the hedge!
It was quite warm and sunny which necessitated changing back into summer clothes which is all a bit confusing, as we were soon covering up again as the sun sank, no wind though. which was a great blessing. Once all setup and ready to enjoy the weekend, the boys were off on their bikes and later were involved in a game of cricket. They didn't have to help too much as the parents had decided it was too cold for them to sleep in tents, so they were sleeping in the caravans this time. Later we congregated around the fires and did our usual braais etc. and chatted of course. Some nice Port and van der Hum rounded off the evening for some.

Saturday was lovely, the boys and Steven went for a long bike ride, Chad on his quad bike, they all enjoyed that. The three G s ladies went off to the farm stall at the West Coast Rd to look for shoes but ended enjoying the beautiful coloured birds in the extensive aviaries. The nursery there is also interesting and the actual shop, which we couldn't resist, no more of those particular shoes though. Back in Yzftn, we visited the bottle store and the Nursery too so we did our bit for the economy. Nikki and Dennis left early to watch motor racing as planned. Around mid afternoon some of us went for a nice walk along the beach as the tide was quite low. The high tides of the past week had washed away a lot of sand and there were lots of shells to negotiate as well as damaged concrete steps on the the side of the slipway. We turned around just short of the harbour, Sally and Adrian carried on though, they said the sea was very rough there. The Springboks were playing the French, so Steven and I went to the Rec. club to watch and happily we won. The fires were going when we got back and soon we were cooking again although it was a bit colder and we huddled under the Brown's awning to have our meals.

It rained quite heavily in the early morning on Sunday but dried up quite quickly when the sun came out. Angela and David went for a walk which they seemed to enjoy and Adrian and Sally left early to meet a business colleague from Overseas. We held Indaba as usual and then slowly started packing up. Leslie left to pop on to Nikki and Dennis on his way as it was Fathers Day. Steven and Judy also left and Angela and Dave and I sat at the fire and enjoyed a last braai before leaving. Once again a super time was enjoyed by all.


Dave marvelled at the great weather we had enjoyed and the nice time we had. And of course the blessed rain, which was so well timed.

APOLOGIES Were received from: M&A, S&D, W&V, C, M, A&C, C&E.

Sally 9th July, James 14th July, Chad 15th July. BIG HAPPY BIRTHDAY to you all, have lovely special days and lots of spoiling and fun!

Van Zyl's Rus 21st-22nd July (R200 p2p R240 families)

Die Watergat 11th-12th August (R2400 weekend divided)
Montagu 21st-24th September (R350 pn. or more for families) (Potjie Competition )

Miller's Point 20th-21st October (Birthday) New Tariff in July
Mountain Breeze 10th-11th November Confirmed
Chapman's Peak 1st-2nd December (Christmas) Confirmed


Judy, we are supposed to be relaxing on our weekend away, but here she is having a sleepless night about making a decision.
Leslie who magically let his glass slide of the table and then not learning his lesson, letting it happen again.

Steven for dropping Davids wors and not washing it off !
David who left his Wors alone and letting others fiddle with it.

Angela, who was coerced into taking charge of the braai as it was her turn managed to make spaghetti out of the wors!


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