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Glengarry Holiday Farm
KwaZulu-Natal, Kamberg
Total Ratings: 4
Rated: 09 Apr 2018
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21 Dec 2007 @ 18:56:48 pm
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My experience in this caravan park was not pleasant to say the least. I must say in my camping excursions during the last 12 years I have never camped at a place that is so disorganized in my live. During my two day stay at the resort we had to make management aware of a number of facilities problems that could have been shorted out any escalation. Another point my fellow campers should be aware of is the condition of the road although it state tare road all the way it makes no mention of the condition of the road, the road is not and not recommended for towing a caravan. Fellow campers be aware of this resort and feel free to contact me for more info on the resort, I have lots more to say but little time.
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