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Hlalanathi Berg Resort
KwaZulu-Natal, Bergville
Total Ratings: 19
Rated: 08 Dec 2019
Type of Resort:
Family with children: 1
Party and youth: 0
Quiet and mature without children: 1

Hlalalnathi Drakensburg Resort (scouting)

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14 Aug 2012 @ 15:34:41 pm
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Hlalalnathi Drakensburg Resort is absolutly beautiful.  Lovely level sites, very very upmarket and they seem to attract a upmarket camper as they are a Golf/Fishing/Camping resort.  We spotted domestics sitting in the kiddy area babysitting young kids while the moms and dads golfed not sure if they came camping with the golfers or if this is a service offered by the resort but I would imagine it is, this was a first for me but if I golfed it would be a lovely option. Bathrooms are immaculate and the grounds are beautifully maintained. 

Downside for us and it's a biggy so we would never go there, while the views are magnificent and the entire resort is lovely the outside (premium) sites have a sheer drop down the side of a mountian a few meters from the sites.  Not sure how far but I got pretty scared looking over the very very short fence.  I could easily see my boys leaning over and taking a tumble which would result in death.  It's very nice but as a mother of two young boys who get up to no good all the time I can't afford to take a chance.  so this one is out for us but if I were camping without them I would try them or if they were older and I could trust them not to be silly.  Not sure when or if that day will come but I'll be waiting for it.  8/10 from us.


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