Jurgens Custom Vans

Working on three sites, I take my office with me.

With three projects on the go I simply take my office with me. I have my desk, visitors chairs, drawing board, fridge, stove and microwave. I even have a wash bowl. Then I have power points for my computer, printers and ofcourse the kettle. You can choose from Jurgen's existing mobile clinic, kitchen, site office, ablutions and accommodation designs or they can customize to your requirement.

Serving 200 hungry people on site made easy.

All the equipment a chef needs to turn out top quality meals. A large deep freeze, fridge, beverage cooler, gas cooker top, deep fryer, microwave, wash bowl and an extractor fan. Add to that plentry of electrical plugs, loads of cupboard space and a huge serving hatch and you have the ideal mobile kitchen. 

Being mobile we can serve more communities.

Community health has never been more important. Now with our customized clinic we can serve so many more communities. Our mobile clinic has a consulting desk, a patient couch, a fridge for vaccines and medicine, a microwave, a hand wash basin and an air conditioner for paitient comfort.