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Emergency Back-up Lighting.

Category: TheQuarterMaster

Emergency Back-up Lighting.

(Warning: Subliminal Branding inserted in the text)

Since early this morning we have been without power. Cable fault apparently

I knew this because my Ultratec MS5122 Max 300 Lumens Emergency Lantern woke me up. Grumpy I get out of bed and switch it off. Other units in the passage, lounge and kitchen have also switched on.

To navigate my way back I grab the Zartek Rechargeable LED Spotlight 750 Lumens standing on bedside table.

Feeling rather proud (but silly) of myself having to switch off emergency lighting at 02:00 I go through the house and switch off the unneeded units.

Even though its only 0200, I attach the NiteCore LR10 Lantern with magnetised base to the window pane in the bathroom. I set it to low power 8 Lumens it will last for 30-35 hours and is good enough to see what needs to be seen during ablutions, and won’t wake every one up either.

When the sun does come up the power is still off, so I switch over to jenni power to keep the fridges and freezers going and recharge the alarm ( I lost a freezer worth of food 3 weeks ago due to a power failure, more about that another day)

Eventually drop my kids at school at 0700 and then go to use the school ablutions. However there are no lights nor can I find the light switch.

Fortunately my EDC includes a Nitecore MH12: Tactical Flashlight and with a press of the tac button switch the I have 1000 lumens, which I dial down to 70 lumens.

I have no idea what the rest of the weekend is bringing, but I know I am sorted for emergency lighting.

What’s your plan? Do you have one?

Being prepared does not mean you have to be broke.

Even if it involves a budget Everbrite Flash light and torch Combo kit (batteries supplied) you do not have to be at the mercy of the dark.


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