Kruger National Park

Kruger National Park

You can camp with your tent, caravan, off-  road van, rooftop tent or motor home and everyone camps together in the various campsites throughout the Park. There are twelve campsites in the Kruger National Park, eleven are electrified and Balule Rest Camp near Olifants as the only non-electrified campsite in the Kruger. Caravan And Camping,Kruger National park,South Africa.What a wonderful experience the Kruger National Park is! Whether it is your first experience or if you return again and again, the Kruger National Park is a tremendous adventure. I know of families who camp in the Kruger Park every year and say that they never tire of the camping sensation. There is always something exciting happening ensuring that the Kruger National Park remains a year round phenomena.

You're in the Kruger National Park and the journey is about to begin. Now what! What do we do in the Kruger National Park? Naturally, we're there to look for Lions, Elephant, Rhino, Buffalo and Leopard! (The BIG five!) Anything else is a bonus. The secret to understanding the Kruger Park is to realize that time operates quite a lot differently from that of your local zoo. Everything flows around not only the seasons, but also the time of the day. The best game viewing times are early morning and late afternoon. So, if you want to catch the proverbial worm, you must get out early when the camp gates open, and let the action begin! Also, realize that the slower you drive, the more chance you have of spotting game, and a good pair of binoculars, preferably 10 x 50 is a must for good game viewing.

  Caravan And Camping,Kruger National park,South Africa.The best game viewing base campsites in the Kruger are:  Skukuza, reputedly the best camp for first time visitors with a good chance of seeing lion near the confluence of the Sabie and Sand rivers. This is also very much leopard and rhino country, with elephant activity normally taking place in the early mornings.  At Lower Sabie waterbuck are very prolific in this area, especially on the banks of the Sabie River. Herds of antelope and zebra are attracted to this area and large herds of buffalo and wildebeest are also often found here.   Satara offers an excellent game-viewing base. Herds of buffalo, zebra, wildebeest, giraffe and elephant can be found in the area. This is also good lion country and sightings of lion in the early morning are nearly always likely.  Elephant are more often found near Letaba and hippo are frequently found in the many water holes, and a good sighting of roan antelope will definitely make your day.  If you do not see elephants at Shingwedzi then you are definitely in the wrong place or still in bed! Nyala, bushbuck and kudu are plentiful here, with leopard always a possibility.

  Caravan And Camping,Kruger National park,South Africa.For birding in the Kruger Park you will need a good pair of birding binoculars. 7 x 35 or 8 x 48 are a good bet. The best months are January and February, but good bird-watching opportunities are always possible throughout the year at the campsites and waterholes. There are over 520-recorded species of bird in the Kruger Park. Try to spot them all!

Most of the camps offer guided walks and wilderness trails, with the early morning walks offering the best opportunities to spot birds and view game such as rhino, reed buck and even elephant and lion.

Take advantage of the guided game drives, where the sensation of an early morning or late evening game drive cannot be matched. An experienced and very knowledgeable guide explains what is happening when and where and is also able to answer your questions.

  Caravan And Camping,Kruger National park,South Africa.The restaurants in the Kruger Park offer not only traditional meals and takeaways, but also specialist venison dishes  so after watching animals during the day, you can always order your favorite one and eat it!  The shops stock a wide range of merchandise, from basic essentials, souvenirs, curios, jewelry and gift items as well as a reasonable selection of wine, spirits and malt. Excellent maps and books on the Kruger animals and birds are available in all the shops at the campsites.

Golf is available at Skukuza with a 9-hole, 18-tee course that offers a wonderful experience. Animal sightings, bird spotting, and the closeness to nature is a golfing emotion not to be missed. All this while playing golf!

Malaria can be a risk especially in the summer rainy season. Precautions should always be taken prior to visiting the Kruger, irrespective of the season and insect repellent used while in the Park. Remember, every mosquito is a possible carrier of malaria.

The Kruger National Park is an astounding wildlife sanctuary; a journey through this fantastic heritage is priceless. Enjoy the Kruger National Park, I know we did!

Willie Bromhead

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