Eswatini - SwazilandThe rich Swazi culture and warm friendly people invite visitors into their country, their way of life and their homes. With itsgrand mountains, lush pristine forests, wildlife, birds and fantastic game reserves, caravan parks and camp sites and a variety of activities makes the Royal Kingdom of Eswatini - Swaziland a unique and fascinating country..

Eswatini - Swaziland Attractions

 This tiny country is nestled between South Africa and Mozambique, its grand mountains, lush pristine forests, wildlife, birds and fantastic game reserves make the Royal Kingdom of Eswatini - Swaziland such an interesting country. The rich culture of the Swazi people and their warm hospitality make visitors feel relaxed and at home. A trip to the Swazi Cultural Village takes you on a journey into the Swazi ways of life, their customs and rituals, dance, music, folklore, traditional healing, arts and crafts.

Eswatini - Swaziland is perfect for 4x4 enthusiasts and keen hikers, backpackers and horse riders, as there are many trails that are off the beaten track that nearly always lead to beautiful scenic places hidden in the mountains and countryside. Other adventure activities include golf, abseiling and white-water rafting. At the Cuddle Puddle in the Ezulwini Valley you can relax in a pool filled with alkaline soda carbonate water and soak away your worries or treat yourself to a massage at the Swazi Spa.

All in all a very fascinating country with fascinating people and the scenic beauty, wildlife sanctuaries teeming with game, birds and interesting insects, Eswatini - Swaziland is not to be missed when touring Southern Africa, whether travelling by car, 4x4, overlander, motorhome or on a camping safari.

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